Thursday, March 23, 2023

“Ask the Attorney” with Alexander Waters from Long, Ragsdale & Waters, P.C.

Each week on “Ask The Attorney”, Alex Alexander talks with attorneys from around the area to ask the important questions. Today, Alex sat down with Alexander Waters from Long, Ragsdale & Waters, P.C.

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What type of cases do you generally handle?

I practice transactional law with a focus on commercial real estate. The majority of my practice is assisting commercial real estate developers buy, finance, develop, lease, and sell real estate and navigate the various issues that arise during the process. I also find myself helping entrepreneurs problem-solve and paper transactions, assisting franchisors/franchisees, and representing a land trust on conservation easements.

Who is your typical client?:

My typical client is an entrepreneur; whether they are a veteran businessperson or a green real estate developer, I work with a number of clients on multiple facets of their various projects.

What is your approach or philosophy to winning or representing a case?: Whenever possible, I strive to be a deal maker instead of a deal killer. Whether that includes meeting deadlines, providing creative solutions to issues, and/or negotiating with the opposing counsel to address risks/concerns, my philosophy is that a deal should never die because I failed to do my job.

What is one misconception that you feel people may have about your firm?:

In general, I feel like transactional firms in smaller markets in the South/Southeast are perceived as being “less-than” in the eyes of larger market firms/attorneys; however, I consistently do deals opposite attorneys in New York City, Nashville and Atlanta and am confident that my clients are well-represented, and at a fraction of the cost of a bigger market firm.

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