Wednesday, August 9, 2023

“Ask The Attorney” with Cindi Crawford from Crawford Law

Each week on Ask the Attorney, our host Steve Strum asks attorneys buzz worthy questions. This week, Steve talks to Cindi Crawford from Crawford Law.

Having struggled through endless custody battles and sleepless nights worried about my girls, I knew Family law was where my heart belonged. To be able to have my children at work with me, be able to homeschool my girls, and to continue to put them first, I opened my own firm. Now, I can help you get through these difficult times, fighting for yourself and for your kids.

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Buzz TV Host Stephen Strum is a Financial Advisor with 20 years’ experience in management and sales leadership, most noteworthy for management of flagship institutions and achievement of large financial goals. Steve has contributed to several charities, educational events, and philanthropic organizations. Steve is a native of South Florida who relocated to Jacksonville in 2005. Steve completed his MBA at Nova Southeastern University, graduating Sigma Beta Delta.

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