Sunday, August 14, 2022

“Ask the Attorney” with Jelena Miokovic from Borkovic Law Group

Each week on “Ask The Attorney”, Alex Alexander talks with attorneys from around the area to ask the important questions. Today, Alex sat down with Jelena Miokovic from Borkovic Law Group.
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What type of cases do you generally handle? What percentage of your practice is devoted to (the practice area in question)?: Personal Injury: -Vehicular accidents & wrongful death (90%) -Slip and fall (5%) -Dog bites (5%)

What is your approach or philosophy to winning or representing a case?: Team work and having an open stream of communication with my clients. I make myself easily accessible to my clients. Having my clients feel like they and their case is a top priority creates a caring and trusting relationship, which ultimately almost always leads to a successful result.

What is one misconception that you feel people may have about your firm?: That if you’re not a big well known billboard attorney, you’re somehow “not as good.” When in fact, it is actually quite the opposite. My firm is small with two attorneys, but being small is what makes us great and exceptional. It helps us focus over quality of cases, not quantity. It allows us to look at people as names, not numbers. That is what sets us apart from these “big well-known” firms – is that we truly care and our clients feel that.

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