Friday, August 11, 2023

“Ask the Attorney” with Jonathan Zisser from Zisser Family Law

Each week on “Ask The Attorney”, Alex Alexander talks with attorneys from around the area to ask the important questions. Today, Alex sat down with Jonathan Zisser from Zisser Family Law.

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What makes your company unique?: No two cases are ever the same. To focus on what is best for each case, we limit our caseloads to provide our clients the service and results they deserve. Case assignments are divided among any one of our attorney team members based on individual strengths and skills and your individual preferences. We also are always mindful of cost efficiency benefits for our clients.

How do you define success?: Family Law conflicts and related Criminal Law issues are often and understandably emotionally charged. We approach every interaction with compassion. Our process is to de-escalate tension among affected parties, when possible, and remain steadfast toward the most desirable, efficient transition. We also litigate vigorously as necessary to represent our clients’ interest.

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